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No matter who you are or what you do, Sowsh is for you. Whether you are a business person, entrepreneur, artist, photographer, influencer, real estate agent, musician, etc... Sowsh is for everyone! 


Anyone can have a Sowsh on their phone or in their business because Sowsh is compatible with all modern-day smartphones.  The person tapping your Sowsh does not need a Sowsh or an app to receive your info.

Sowsh has infinite uses and does not need to be recharged. It is the most cost-effective business card on the market as it is only a one-time purchase. No recurring fees or subscription needed.

Sharing your contact information and social media has never been so simple...


It's time to upgrade your networking

Sowsh works synchronously with our app. You can find it on the App Store. Just search for "sowsh" or click/scan the QR code 

Once you've downloaded you'll need to set up your profile and activate your Sowsh tag/card.


Follow the simple step by step instructions below!

Sowsh app QR code.PNG
gold iphone 12-sowsh promo site.png

What you need to do:

First, purchase a Sowsh tag/card here

1. Download the Sowsh app on the App Store

2. Login or Sign Up

3. Add your contact info, socials & links to your profile

4. Save your profile (you can update it at any time)

5. Activate your Sowsh tag/card & place on phone

Start tapping!

If you need help, watch this step-by-step walkthrough video:

Where to tap?

where to tap- iphone.png
where to tap- android.png

Compatible Devices:

Sowsh works will all phone types:

one plus logo.png
HTC logo.png
xperia logo.png
essential phone logo.png
galaxy logo.png
pixel logo.png
xiaomi logo.png
apple logo.png
LG logo.png
huawei logo.png
motorola logo.png
nokia logo.png
samsung note logo.png

For a full list of compatible devices click here

Our Products:

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